Fine Arts Highlights Over the Years

Art Art, in all its varied forms, has had an integral role at St. Angela's from the beginning as is evidenced by all the artwork created by the Sisters and students. Often these works have won prizes and public acclaim.
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Music: Vocal, Piano Music Festivals began in 1949 and were held in Prelate until 1990 when it was moved to Leader and became the Sand Hills Music Festival. From the beginning the Academy entered choral, fireside, individual, duets and quartets in the vocal area. Piano entries were plentiful. It was with sadness that the 2007 Festival was the last one that St. Angela's would take part in after 59 years. Professional recordings of St. Angela's Choral, Fireside, and individual singers were produced in 1966, 1967-68, 1996 and 1999. In 1994 the 16 Fireside Group under the direction of Marianne Janoski went to Vienna, Austria, where they participated in the competition of the International Youth and Music Festival competing with choirs from all over the world. They placed second in the Ladies Chamber Choir Category. The Fireside went to the Heritage Music Festival in Montreal again under direction of Miss Janoski in May 1998 where they won the Gold Award. St. Angela's is proud of the many alumnae who have made music a part of their lives and careers in teaching, parish ministries, or personal fulfillment.
Speech Arts Speech Arts became an important part of the Fine Arts program when Sister Adelaide Fortowsky began teaching it in 1985. Each year interested students would receive individual lessons. During these years Speech Arts has become a prominent feature of the Festival and students have received marks as high as 95.
Band In 2002 Mr. Jim Mitchell initiated the band program after recommendations from the Academy Board and Administration. In 2007 the band took part at the Music Festival "for the first and last time" as Mr. Mitchell so aptly stated.
Drama From the beginning drama was an integral part of life at St. Angela's. During Lent of their first year, Father Riedinger, with help of the Sisters, staged the Passion play with adults and children. In the early years plays such as "Cinderella", "Senorit Carmelita", and "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" were staged much to the delight of the people in the area. "The Tyrolian Queen" in 1969-70 and "The Red Mill" ­ 1970-71 directed by Sister Louise Ihringer and "The Sound of Music" ­ 1989 directed by Mr. Al Gerwing involved the public in addition to our students. "The Mikado" in 1974, "The Gondoliers" in 1975, "Anne of Green Gables" ­ 1981, "The Merry Widow" - were all directed by Sister Jean Elder; "Inside Story" (Story of Prelate Ursulines) in 1985 directed by Sister Adelaide Fortowsky. In 1995 two dinner theatres with dramas "When You Wish Upon a Star" and "The Boar's Head Madrigal" were directed by Marianne Janoski and Sister Dianne Sehn. A fitting last drama was "Curtain Going Up" directed by Jim Mitchell. The last line in the play was, "The curtains come together for the last time."


The school took special pride in its Fine Arts program. Piano, choral, instrumental, and speech arts participants competed at music festivals for awards and scholarships and entertained at various functions. In certain years dance lessons were offered, depending on the interest of the students.
Drama, choral, and art were credit subjects at St. Angela's Academy. Each semester the drama students presented public performances, plus gaining the experience of lighting, costume, makeup, and directing skills. The art students, likewise, displayed their accomplishments, and took part in school exhibits and competitions.
Students had opportunities to develop and portray their dramatic and musical talents through a Talent Night, Coffee House, music festivals, performances for Senior Citizens, and other community groups.
The Fine Arts classes were considered a vitally important component of the curriculum, and they were incorporated fully into the daily schedule.


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