The following list includes the people involved in all the staffs for 2006-07. Names only are given.
Sister Rosetta Reiniger, Sister Ludvina Scheck, Jennifer Wahlstrom, Jim Mitchell, Stuart Esson, Angela Gizen, Patrick Curley, Cherie Esson, Carla Currie, Sister Perpetua Bespflug, Sister Adelaide Fortowsky, Linette deLaforrest, Val Parker, Jennifer Gehl, Angelique Gregg, Bernie Barker, Frances Rayner, Frances Murch, Raylyn Strutt, Sharon Hoffart, Yvonne Armstrong, Connie Steier, Dolores Meuchel, Anna Mary Rajchyba, Lenora Duchscherer,Virginia Lavallee, Cecilia Brown,Terry Nielsen, Nick Becker, Edwin Meuchel, Marlene Guchert,Tammy Nugent, Cindy Helman, Vanessa Paterson, Roberta Neilson,Sister Helen Hoffart, Sister Brigitta Haag, Sister Leona Leibel, Sister Imelda Burgart, Sister Perpetua Bespflug, Sister Emily Kosolofski, Sister Hermana Blatz, Sister Rosalyn Miller, Sister Anne Marie Rehman, Sister Jane Jochim, Sister Adelaide Fortowsky, Sister Ludvina Scheck, Sister Rosetta Reiniger.

Staffs 2006-2007-- Final year of Academy operation
Staffs 06-07


Following is an historical record compiled for the last year book.
Whenever lists are made there is always the possibility of omissions and some inaccuracies regardless of the care taken to be precise. In making the following lists, one must be mindful particularly of the numerous Sisters who have served at St. Angela's over the years in varying capacities, yet may not be included specifically in any grouping or they are unknown. Our apology for any such omissions.
Principals or Persons in Charge of St. Angela's Academy Executive Director: 1988-2007 S. Rosetta Reiniger (19) Principals: 2006-2007 Jennifer Wahlstrom (1.5); 2001-2006 S. Patricia Kaliciak (4.5 ); 1999-2001 James Bergerman (2); 1995-1999 Jerome Cranston (4); 1989-1995 Sister Dianne Sehn (5 ) ; 1985-1988 S. Rosetta Reiniger (3 ); 1975-1985 S. Jean Elder (10); 1970-1975 S. Gertrude Sopracolle (5 ); 1965-1970 S. Louise Ihringer (5 ); 1955-1975 S. Rose Frison (10); 1954-1955 S. Gerarda Lederhouse (1); 1950-1954 S. Louise Ihringer (3); 1947-1950 S. Rose Frison (3); 1946-1947 S. Dominica Engel (1 ); 1945-1946 S. Cecilia Kosolofski (1); 1941-1945 Various Sisters in charge (4); 1940-1941 S. Philippine Hammel and S. Rita Kunz (10); 1939-1940 S. Philippine Hammel (1); 1938-1939 S. Philippine Hammel and S. Rita Kunz (1); 1936-1938 Superior in charge. Self-help study programs; 1934-1936 Miss Monica Engel (became S. Dominica in Feb.) (2); 1933-1934 Self-study. S. Rose Frison, Helen Hoffart; S. Aloysia Blatz (1); 1932-1933 S. Mechtildis Weber (1); 1931-1932 S. Bernarda Lauer (1); 1930-1931 S. Philippine Hammel (1); 1919-1929 Various S. taught under the direction of the Reverend Mother
Lay Teachers (Number after the name indicates the number of years) Al Gerwing 2 ; Angela Gizen 9 ; Al Fitzsimmons (3 mos); Anna Maria Bougie 2 ; Donna Bouchard 7 ; Carla Currie; Cherie Esson 8; Colin Ryan; Darlene Kosolofski; Dean Campbell 8 ; Deanna Zemlack; Donna Anheliger 4 ; Eileen Hartman _ ; Elaine Reinhart (Cobb) 2 ; Elsie Charnetski 2 ; George Chrusch 2 ; Gerard Lapointe 5 ; James Bergerman 2 ; James Mitchell 7 ; James Patrick Curley 6 ; Jeanne Mansuy Fetsch 4 ; Jennifer Wahlstrom 4 ; Jerome Cranston 4 ; Kim White (p/t) 2 ; Lana Steckler-Marshall 10 ; Marlyn Clary Dr. Ed 4 ; Marianne Janoski 8 ; Michelle Specht 5 ; Pam Stimpson ; Patricia Ulsifer 1 ; Rose-Marie Huys 2; Ryan Sabey 2; Stuart Essen 18.
Sisters Teaching in Some Capacity 1946-2007 The following list includes the names of those on the registers and other documents as having taught part time or full time or been involved in some aspect of the education program at SAA. The number after the name indicates the years. If any name or number is incorrect, the error is unintentional and regrettable.
(Number after the name indicates the number of years) S. Adelaide Fortowsky 23; S. Albina Polz 2; S. Alice Wagner 2; S. Aloysia Kosolofski ; S. Alphonsa Stolz 3; S. Bernice Daratha 13; S. Callista Arnold 8; S. Canisia Wandler 2; S. Celine Stang 2; S. Charlotte Beler 9; S. Clara Jangula 1; S. Damian Louisa Brost 10; S. Dianne Sehn 16; S. Dolores Schneider 15; S. Donna Anheliger 3; S. Edith Elder 3; S. Elisabeth Riffel 13; S. Emily Hittel 1; S. Emily Kosolofski 7; S. Eugena Wendling 14; S. Gerarda Lederhouse 14; S. Gertrude Sopracolle 9; S. Helen Hoffart 25; S. Helen Rolheiser 18; S. Hermana Blatz 18; S. Imelda Burgart 7; S. Irene Herle 2; S. Jean Elder 11; S. Jeanette Blatz 2; S. Joan Weisbeck 4; S. Joanne Drescher 25; S. Leona Leibel 9; S. Liz Elder 4; S. Louise Ihringer 9; S. Ludvina Scheck 3; S. Magdalen Stengler 2; S. Margaret Sautner 4; S. Marilyn Tobler 1; S. Mary Ann Uhrmann 10; S. Mercedes Prothman 1; S. Nicolette Feist 6; S. Patricia Kaliciak 5; S. Pauline Reinhardt 27; S. Philippine Hammel 11; S. Philomena Marte 6; S. Rita Kuntz 7; S. Rosalia Wendling 8; S. Rose Frison 24; S. Rosetta Reiniger 25; S. Susan Scott 1; S. Veronica Heit 2.
Residential Life - Directresses, Supervisors, Deans (Number after the name indicates the number of years) Sisters In Charge of Residence Full Time: Mother Hildegard Foerg 3, S. Alice Wagner 2; S. Bernice Daratha 5; S. Dianne Sehn 1; S. Dolores Schneider 18 ; S. Helen Rolheiser 16. Residential Staff Supervisor S. Ludvina Scheck 2 Lay Employees- Full time: Christine Oakley 1.75 yr ; Joan Rudoph 1; Bev Addinall 4; Fran Mazurick 6; Jennifer Gehl 2; Joanne Lauer 1.5 yr; Karissa Keller .75; Linette deLaforest 9; Margaret DesRoches 2.4; Sarah Maskiewicz 1; Susan Young 1; Val Parker 4.5 yr; Yvonne Armstrong 10; Tammy Gaudry 1. Sisters Assisting in dorms: S. Bernice; S. Elisabeth Riffel; S. Mary Ann Uhrmann; S. Liz Elder; S. Dianne Sehn; S. Jean Elder; S. Patricia Kaliciak; S. Felicitas Drobig and others. Residential Life -Temporary or Casual Lay: Brenda Scheck ; Tracy Stojke; Karla Beland ; Tonya Reschny ; Cindy Helman; Lenora Duchscherer; Harriet Duchscherer; Cecilia Brown.
In Charge of St. Angela's Music School S. Teresa Baker; S. Gertrude Ihringer; S. Magdalen Stengler; S. Dolores Schneider; S. Margaret Sautner; S. Mary Ann Uhrmann; S. Elisabeth Riffel; Cherie (Hollman) Esson; Frances Murch; Sharon Hoffart. (However, many others taught lessons over the years.)
Sister Supervisors for Maintenance Various Sisters were involved over the years, but for the last 50 years we acknowledge: S. Boniface Jahner; S. Seraphim Wagner; S. Doreen Feser; S. Karen Schneider; S. Patricia Broemeling; S. Pauline Reinhardt; S. Anne Marie Rehman.
Caretakers / Maintenance Frank Winterlich; Mr. Koehler; Mr. Purtzer 1940-41; Mr. Doetzel 1941-42; Frank Winterlich 1942-50; Mike Steiert 1950-52; Sam Wickenheiser 1951-54; Lawrence Steier 1954-60; Edwin Meuchel 1960-2001; Tony Nugent 2001-2005; Terry Nielsen 2005- --.
Kitchen Managers Various Sisters were involved over the years, but some of more recent memory are listed plus lay managers. S. Agatha Kolinowsky; S. Anne Chrusciel; S. Cyrilla Raffa; S. Lorraine Klein; S. Johanna Elder; S. Georgina Jahner; S. Claudia Haag; S. Anne Marie Rehman; S. Armella Rolheiser; Emil Degenhardt; Phyllis Getz; Quinton Odnokon; Allen Nieman; Mark Schuller; Marlene Guckert. Some of the long standing Kitchen Assistants: Mary Buscholl; Rosina Ziebert; Phyllis Getz; Betty Kosolofski; Betty Rissling; Mary Anne Kosolofski; Cindy Helman; Tammy Nugent; Vanessa Peterson.
Receptionists: Long Serving (10 years or more) Sister Wilhelmine Ellert, Sarah Richards, Connie Steier. However, many Sisters and others have served for various periods of time, mostly in a part-time capacity.
Resident Chaplains 1934-41 Father Joseph Riedinger, OMI; 1941-42 Father Hugo Loran, OMI; 1942-47 Father August Forner, OMI; 1947-48 Father Ernest Nelz, OMI; 1948-56 Father Frank Hermann, OMI; 1956-57 Father Francis Otterbach, OMI ; 1957-63 Father Frank Hermann, OMI; 1963-64 Father John J. Kuffner, OMI; 1964-67 Father Bernard Lewans, OMI; 1967-69 Father Henry Bermel, OMI; 1971-83 Father Thomas Schnerch, OMI. Academy Served by Parish Priests 1969-70 Father Valentine Fix, OMI; 1970-71 Father Henry Wagner, OMI; 1971-83 Father Nestor Gregoire ; Father Norbert Engele; Father Tim Riffel; Father Tony Schmidt; Father David Polzen; Father Samuel Bobodu.
Treasurers ­ (Originally called Bursars) ­ at St. Angela's Convent /Academy Mother Luitgardis, then Mother Clementia until 1942; S. Dominica Engel 43-48; S. Callista Arnold 1948-1955; S. Rosalia Wendling 1955-1958; S. Jeannette Blatz 1958-61; S. Gerarda Lederhouse 1961-68; S. Rosalyn Miller 1968-69; S. Rosalia Wendling 1969-70; S. Gerarda Lederhouse 1970-76; S. Eugena Wendling 1976-82; S. Anne Haag 1982-86; S. Canisia Wandler May 1986-Dec.86; S. Anne Haag Jan.1987-May 87; S. Emily Kosolofski May 1987-2007 In 1988, two separate accounts were set up: St. Angela's Convent and St. Angela's Convent Charity Fund (Academy). In October, 1999 the first lay person was hired to do the clerical work and computerize the system with S. Emily remaining as official treasurer. Cindy Andrews 1999-2000 was the first Accounting Clerk who was succeeded by Frances Rayner 2000 -2007.
Local Superiors (Later called Coordinators) at St. Angela's At first the General Superior served as both congregational and local superiors until a division was made. S. Helen Hoffart 1954-1967; S. Hermana Blatz 1967-69; S. Rosetta Reiniger 1969-72; S. Louisa Brost 1972- 1975; S. Eugene Wendling 1975-78; S. Regina Jochim 1978-1979 S. Lucille Bleile 1979-1983; S. Helen Rolheiser 1984-91; S. Hermana Blatz 1991-1996; S. Dianne Sehn 1996-1998; S. Rosetta Reiniger 1998-2000; S. Hermana Blatz 2000 -2005; S. Rosalyn Miller 2005-2007
General Treasurers of the Ursuline Congregation Mother Clementia 1922 to 1942; S. Gerarda Lederhouse 1942-43; S. Dominica Engel 1943-48; S. Callista Arnold 1948- 1967; S. Magdalen Stengler 1967-68; S. Gerarda Lederhouse 1968-70; S. Emily Kosolofski 1970 -1982; S. Eugena Wendling 1982-1991; S. Rosetta Reiniger 1991- 2003; S. Pauline Greschner 2003 -
General Superiors of the Ursuline Order Mother Luitgardis Kratochwill (1919-1924?)*; Mother Clementia Graffelder (1924?-1942)*; Sister Bernarda Lauer (1942-43); Sister Annette Feist (Mother Antoinette) (1943- 1967); Sister Ambrosia Wendling (1967-1970) Sister Hermana Blatz (1970-1979); Sister Magdalen Stengler (1979-1983); Sister Rose-Anne Engel (1983-1991); Sister Anne Lewans (1991-1999); Sister Teresita Kambeitz (1999-2007). *There is some discrepancy as to the date of the actual transfer of authority.

Note: In the past there have been many Sisters and lay people who have served at the Academy for short periods and are not listed anywhere, such as: Glennis Langlois, Cheryl Nagel, Mark Bauer, Terry Morrison, Arnold Burton, Adam Fetsch, Gladys McLean, Elaine Simpson, Marlene Duchscherer, Lilian Surina, Betty Steier, Glenda Fels, Russ Merlin, Alice Nieman, Sandy Merlin, Gwen Kosolofski, and many more.

St. Angela's Academy Board of Education (2003-2007) Sister Teresita Kambeitz, Chairperson, Sister Louisa Brost, Sister Rosetta Reiniger, Sister Anne Lewans,Sister Ludvina Scheck
St. Angela's Academy Advisory Board Ray Kolla, Paul Lewans, Sister Julianna Heisler, Raeleen Engel, Anna Mary Rajchyba, Betty Ann Lefebvre, Sister Maureen Meier, Angela Stern