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On November 8, 2010, the last four Sisters left St. Angela's Convent. They were: Sister Emily Kosolofski, Sister Anne Marie Rehman, Sister Adelaide Fortowsky, Sister Rosetta Reiniger. Indeed, it was a reflective and painful day.


St. Angela's Academy, an all-girls' residential school was operated by the Ursuline Sisters at Prelate, SK but closed on June 30, 2007. At the announcement of the closing on October 16, 2006, Sister Teresita Kambeitz, then General Superior, asked the Sisters, Staff and Students to make 2006-07 a "banner year."


St. Angela's Academy Celebration of Thanksgiving

Because of the pain caused by the decision to have to close the Academy, the Sisters chose as theme for 2006-07

"Trust in the light of the night sky. What is God's gift to us here?"'
The following depicts one person's interpretation of this theme?


St. Angela Merici, Foundress of the Ursulines

Angela New MVC-008F

 Under the patronage of St. Angela Merici, foundress, the Ursulines strive to continue their mission of "Educating for Life" while pursuing a life of "Contemplation in Action."
The statue above depicts St. Angela looking at one of her followers and inspiring her to educate, especially young girls.

Is God calling you to be a Sister?

January 27 is the feastday of St. Angela Merici, the foundress of the Ursuline Sisters. Do you wish to know more about the Ursuline Order?
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The Ursuline Sisters were established in 1535 by St. Angela Merici in Brescia, Italy. As faithful daughters of Angela, the Ursulines submit themselves completely to God's will and prayerfully respond to His love. Angela's charism of contemplation in action found expression in her ministry to make Christ the centre of family life. The work entrusted to Angela by God continues to unfold in all the areas of educational ministry of the Ursulines of Prelate.


The Company of St. Ursula was established by St. Angela Merici on November 25, 1535, in Brescia, Italy. St. Angela placed her Company under the patronage of St. Ursula, the popular patroness of youth and learning in Europe. Angela died in 1540, five years after the foundation of her Company. Sixty years a lay person, actively serving church and country--five years a "sister" serving the Church through her Company! This was Angela's life span! Yet the seed that Angela planted has far-reaching results. Her spirit is living on in the Ursuline Sisters and Ursuline Associates who inherited her charism of continuing her work in the Church. Today Ursulines are living in all parts of the world.
From Angela's Writings we learn that she had no specific ministry in mind for the members of her Company at the time of founding. They promised to live out their commitment as "Spouses of Christ" wherever they lived and worked. Because years of war had shattered family living, the building up of family life and family values was one of their foremost concerns. The original members were in an ideal position to do this because most of them lived at home. Since that time the ministry of the Ursulines has evolved to meet the needs of the times. For more than four hundred years Ursulines have been involved in the education of youth, especially young girls, an apostolate which continues to enrich the family. Since Vatican II the work of the Ursulines has branched out from education in the classroom to include "educating for life."

From Brescia, Italy, to Prelate, Saskatchewan

The Company of St. Ursula became a monastic Order in 1618 when it was established in the city of Bordeaux, France. From there it spread to Cologne, Germany. With the war clouds of World War I looming over Europe, a group of German Ursulines came to Canada in 1912, intending to establish a foundation. They wished to have a place to which their communities could come in the event of another persecution such as the Kulturkampf of Bismarck some thirty years earlier. Here the Ursulines taught in a parochial school in St. Joseph's Parish, Winnipeg, Manitoba. Through a series of events Mother Clementia Graffelder, originally from Cologne, came to Prelate, Saskatchewan, in 1919 along with two other Sisters in response to the invitation of the pastor, Father Joseph Riedinger, OMI. Together with Father Riedinger, Mother Clementia co-founded the Ursulines of Prelate. The Ursulines have become a Beacon Light of the Prairies through their involvement in education, especially in "educating for life", with special emphasis on the revitalization of Christian family living.

Prelate and Beyond

St. Angela's Convent at Prelate was built in 1919 by the people in that pioneering community who welcomed the Ursulines and shared their goods and their help. From the beginning of the foundation students came to the Convent to receive their education. The continuing need for this kind of an education blossomed into a boarding school for girls. Today St. Angela's Academy, a residential high school for girls operated by the Sisters in collaboration with lay staff, is a well known and respected part of the educational scene, particularly in Western Canada.
The Community flourished and grew even during the difficult time of the depression in the 1930's. With the passing of the years, the growing number of Sisters enabled them to expand their work to the four western provinces--British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba.
Vatican II and its call to return to the charism of their foundress, St. Angela, led the Ursulines of Prelate to make external changes in dress, lifestyle and apostolate. Above all, they were challenged to a deeper commitment to the Gospel journey. They expanded their apostolic work from teaching to include parish ministry, adult education in various forms, and to work in Brazil and Africa. All of these works were supported by the prayer and service of the Sisters engaged in homemaking.
As the Sisters have grown older, some of these works have had to be abandoned, such as St. Angela's Academy, in response to the timeless advice of St. Angela Merici in the sixteenth century:
"And if, according to times and circumstances, the need arises to make new rules or do something differently, do it prudently and with good advice. And always let your principal recourse be to gather at the feet of Jesus Christ. For in this way, without doubt, Jesus Christ will be in your midst, and as a true and good master, he will enlighten and teach you what you have to do." (Last Legacy of St. Angela)
With gratitude for the past, enthusiasm in the present and great hope for the future, the Ursulines of Prelate continue to trust in the faithful and providential love of God who continues to call them to consecrated service in the Church. They pray that other vibrant, faith-filled women will answer God's call to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ while "educating for life" as Ursulines of Prelate.

Are you presently searching or discerning where God is calling you?
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