Residential Life

Residence living provided a unique opportunity to meet many other girls, and to gain a true sense of consideration and respect for others. Many lasting friendships were formed through this experience.
The dormitories containing private and semi-private rooms or roomettes offered areas for a great deal of camaraderie to occur... Listening to favorite music, having another girl do up one's hair, enjoying mail, deciding on a popcorn or pizza party were but a small part of the sharing that took place. Likewise, sharing the responsibility of maintaining their common living areas as well as their own rooms was a worthwhile training the girls received. Senior girls volunteered as prefects to help with dorm and study supervision.
To ensure academic progress the daily schedule allowed for extra time for study and to do homework. After school there was free time to take part in student organized activities, write letters, watch television, make phone calls, go down town, participate in sports activities and intramural programs.
Every second or third weekend girls could go home or remain at the school. On weekends at the school the girls took part in seminars or workshops, had time to pursue individual needs, enjoyed videos, or simply relaxed.
Everyday effective and wholesome living was a very real part of S.A.A.'s education. Students learned to depend on themselves for good decision making, good relationships, a clean room, and clean laundry. The result was growth in maturity-the development of the whole person in living a full life based on the principles of the Gospel.




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